AC-11¢ç is backed by an extensive Efficacy and Safety profile. Pure, bioactive AC-11¢ç is the only known plant extract in the world shown by research studies to enhance our natural DNA repair processes. In fact, few other nutraceutical or cosmeceutical plant extract ingredients have been subjected to as much rigorous scientific study as has AC-11¢ç.

As sold, AC-11¢ç strictly conforms to the unique specifications set by our manufacturing methods and standardization claims. We perform all of the standard industry-accepted tests to ensure that our product meets requirements for sale in the United States and other centers of commerce throughout the world. To make AC-11¢ç we engage the services of Centroflora Group in Botucatu, Brazil, a U.S. Department of Agriculture approved and ISO 9002 certified facility operated in accordance with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulations and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, and one of the finest facilities in the world for the production of phytotherapic extracts. Using proprietary equipment conceived and developed by our company, AC-11¢ç is manufactured at Centroflora under state-of-the-art conditions and we warrant our product¡¯s conformance to its specifications as well as to applicable governmental regulations.

The LD-50 of AC-11¢ç is greater than 8,000mg/kilogram. The recommended daily dosage of AC-11¢ç for internal use in ¡°stand alone¡± form is between 350 and 700mg (250 mg. minimum in products combining AC-11¢ç with other active ingredients) for a person weighing 150-200 lbs. (70-90 kilograms). AC-11¢ç¡¯s purity is due to the clean, contaminant and chemical toxin-free rainforest environment in which the plant is harvested and processed, as well as the patented my partner¡¯s molecular sieving (filtration) process. By contrast, mild toxicity with long term use often is observable in other ¡°C-Med-100¢ç¡± products, especially the water-insoluble, alkaloid based extracts.