·  Main Office : Seoul, Korea·  Established in : 2006
·  CEO : Jason, Kim
·  Business Advisor : Seongho, Choi
·  Investment Advisor : JunSoo, Kim (Landmark Con. & Dev. Co., Ltd.)
·  Accounting Advisor : ChangJin, Kim(KCPA)
·  Legal Advisor : Kyung Hae, Im(Layer)
·  Brand manufactured by Erato International Co., Ltd.

To be world wide #1 respectable medical cosmetic company.

To develop , manufacture and distribute high quality medical skin care products Larcobaleno using the safety natural and effective ingredients, applying strictly product life cycle management system including quality management procedure. To assure products safety objectively , we get the safety certifications for all product from Test Laoratory authorized by Korea Food and Drug Administration(KFDA).

We use ingredients that are strictly selected and
thoroughly differentiated.

Ití»s easily understandable that single most fundamental and important element in a medical cosmetic product is the ingredients. We only use the high-grade raw materials that are strictly selected and thoroughly differentiated to make the Larcobaleno products because we care about the health of skin cells as well as the visible effects.

We at Larcobaleno are the experts in the medical
cosmetic industry.

We have completely committed ourselves to the skin and to making better skin products with our differentiated technologies from product development to manufacturing process instead of importing them from other leading countries. We are confident that our products are the choices of experts both in name and quality because we make our products with the best quality raw materials and the unique Larcobalen technology to guarantee the most desirable results.

Quality Management
We have the 4 steps of quality management procedure to maintain high quality product production. Quality Reviews, Quality Audits, Measurements, Acceptance Test. Every step is assigned by the QM manager and controlled every production process by standard quality managementí»s check lists. QM manager have to issue the QM Report at each step to top management group. At the last step, we have to verify  the product safety from the public laboratory assigned by government.