To develop , manufacture and distribute high quality medical skin care products Larcobaleno using the safety natural and effective ingredients, applying strictly product life cycle management system including quality management procedure. To assure products safety objectively , we get the safety certifications for all product from Test Laoratory authorized by Korea Food and Drug Administration(KFDA).

DNA is the blueprint of the body. Active oxygen and UV rays that cause ageing damage the DNA, promote ageing. AC-11® is a new generation anti-ageing care technology which repairs damaged DNA, effective in prevention of aging or illnesses. The term AC-11® was derived from Antiaging Care-11 technology which codes the DNA information concerning DNA repair. Larobaleno products were applied to AC-11®.

We extract from C-Med-100® a plant indigenous to the rainforest regions of Brazil and Peru using AC-11® a US patented “aqueous hot water extraction” and purification process standardized to a minimum of 8% Carboxy Alkyl Esters (CAE) concentration. Studies show that the CAEs in AC-11® not only enhance significantly the body’s natural ability to repair damaged DNA, but also measurably improve collagen III production in the skin.

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